About the Yellow Tie Gala

400+ friends, neighbors, and supporters of WYAP will come together in October at the Bridgewater Golf Club to enjoy one another’s company. There will be dinner, live music, and more fun throughout the night all to raise more than $200,000 to support the State of Indiana’s first-ever Youth Assistance Program.

The event will take place the evening of Saturday, October 7. Businesses, residents, and city leaders will come together at The Bridgewater Golf Club to raise the dollars needed to support WYAP for another year. Together we can reach and surpass our $200K goal.

WYAP is a 501(c)3 public charity that is the early intervention advocate for youth ages 3-17 who are facing challenging life circumstances at home and in school. Funds raised at this event provides mental health services for youth and families as well as to offer pro-social activities for youth that might not otherwise be able to afford them. They participate in summer camps, music lessons, sports, karate, dance, gymnastics, after school clubs, etc. Getting youth involved in these activities provides them with another positive adult role model in their life. Funds raised also allow us to obtain tutoring for youth that are falling behind or needs extra support.

The Gala is our signature event first held in 2010 and organized by Westfield’s first Mayor, Andy Cook, who is color blind and can only see yellow, hence the name. Fitting that yellow has stood for wisdom and intellect throughout the ages, the Yellow Tie Gala aims to raise thousands of dollars to do the same for the youth in the community. By giving the youth, we serve every advantage to grow and reach their true potential were confident that they would grow up to become engaged and contributing members of this community or whatever community they find themselves in someday.

About Westfield Youth Assistance Program

The Westfield Youth Assistance Program advocates for youth ages 3-17 who are facing difficult life circumstances. We collaborate with our community’s vast array of talents, services, and resources to help empower our youth, parents, and caregivers. WYAP is one of the few organizations within Hamilton County designed in a way that truly allows staff to walk alongside youth and their family across their entire journey to reduce the chances of delinquency and intentionally enhance healthy development and wellbeing.

WYAP provides professional coordination of services and referral services to students and families of the Westfield Washington School District. Casework services to our families are completely confidential. WYAP provides for the coordination of services with every family referred to the program. Once goals are identified through an intake process, other services with be addressed such as:

  • WYAP provides the ONLY one-on-one community mentoring program in Westfield. Those who need educational support can receive one-on-one tutoring through WYAP as well.
  • WYAP connects youth and families to counseling, anger management, and other mental health resources.
  • WYAP makes camps & recreational opportunities available to who can benefit from a positive pro-social experience.
  • Family education programming offers parents/caregivers access to a variety of no-cost programs provided by WYAP or in collaboration with community professionals.
  • Food, clothing, & financial assistance is offered through a partnership with WYAP and our Township Trustee office, church and community organizations, and local/state community agencies.
  • WYAP addresses attendance and truancy through referrals from the school or the Hamilton County Juvenile Probation Department. The Early Intervention Advocate works with the youth and family to find positive outcomes to the attendance issues.
  • Our relationships run deep and give us access to provide immediate support where it is needed the most by connecting youth and their families to local, county, and state resources. WYAP works with community and state partners to provide residents of our community with the best support to ensure their long-term success. Currently, we have over 200 partners, and that list continues to expand.