Reverse Raffle

Let’s face it; fundraising raffles can sometimes be a little boring. We have decided to liven things up this year with a Reverse Raffle at the Yellow Tie Gala. You do NOT want your number to be called in a reverse raffle because the numbers called throughout the night are the guests that will be eliminated from the raffle.

You can purchase your entry into the $5,000 cash prize Reverse Raffle by visiting The cost to participate is $100 per person, and at the end of the evening, a lucky Yellow Tie Gala guest will walk away with $5,000 cash in their pocket, and Westfield Youth Assistance will also receive $5,000 for their program.

Don’t worry; if your number gets called and you are eliminated, there will be opportunities to get back in the raffle. Limited tickets are available to participate, so make sure you hop online now and purchase your 1 in 100 chance to win $5,000 cash!